GATE Program

 Gifted Education 

SITE COORDINATOR - Mrs. Megan Turner

Email: [email protected]


  •  Intellectual/Academic

Student is significantly accelerated in relation to chronological peers. Student is an observant, inquisitive, intense, independent thinker. He/she gets excited about new ideas, has a high level of vocabulary, memory, abstract word knowledge, and abstract reasoning. In solving a problem, a larger than expected proportion of time is spent thinking "around" the problem rather than solving it. Student is excellent at making connections between what is currently being learned and previous learning, and has a large storehouse of information.

  • Specific Academic

Student consistently functions at highly advanced levels in a particular subject area (Math or Language Arts). Student has a tendency to "eat, drink, and sleep" a subject until all that can be learned about it is learned. He/she has an intense drive to master a domain of knowledge and be recognized as "the expert." Student has the remarkable ability to focus on a task, and rapid, extraordinary ability to retain new information in that area with little obvious effort.

  • Creative/Productive

Student perceives significant similarities or differences with the environment, challenges assumptions, and produces unique alternative solutions. Student has a keen sense of humor, is expressive, original, unconventional, imaginative, and resourceful. He/she is an independent thinker who does not mind being different. Student is a risk taker and is uninhibited in expressions of opinion. Student produces unique products. 


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