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Rio Vista Middle School

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Simply Be the Best

Things to Know:

  • TARDIES:  One of our Fantastic Four beliefs is to “Be there, Be ready!”  This means to be in the seat before the bell rings – not running through the door as the bell rings.  Timeliness is an important skill that our students need to develop to be college, community, and career ready.
  • BIKE RIDERS:  Reminder---students riding their bikes to school MUST wear a helmet.  This is not a Rio Vista rule, it is a California Vehicle Code which carries a $150 fine if the student is stopped by law enforcement.  Please make sure that your student wears a bicycle helmet when riding a bike – at all times, not just coming to and going from school.  We appreciate your help in enforcing this safety issue.
  • PE CLOTHING:  Students have the option of purchasing PE clothes with the school name/logo.  If you prefer not to purchase PE clothes, be sure to provide dress code compliant plain red shorts and plain gray t-shirts for use in your student’s PE class. (PE clothing is available for purchase thru the PE department.)
  • STUDENT CHECK-OUT:  Reminder---anyone checking out a student must ALWAYS bring their driver’s license, California ID or valid passport with them.  If you do not have a proper ID, you will not be able to check a student out.   
  • CAMPUS VISITORS:  Please remember that all parents visiting the school must first check in at the front office.  If you are going to be on campus you must have a visitor badge at all times.  Angelica or Mia in our front office will be more than happy to assist you!
  • LIBRARY:  Reminder---the library is open for student use.  The library is open before school, at Break, at Lunch, and after school.
  • STUDENT DROP OFF/PICK:  We would like to remind you to pull over and stop at the curb to drop off or pick up your student.  Please do not stop in the middle of the street and expect your student to get out or come to you.  We also ask that you support our efforts in having every student use the crosswalk on Palo Alto rather than darting through traffic before school.  A crossing guard is at the crosswalk to ensure student safety.  Safety is our priority here at Rio Vista!
  • SPIRIT DAY:  Every Friday is Spirit Day.  Students are encouraged to wear their Spirit shirt on Fridays.  If students don’t have a Spirit shirt, they can wear the school’s colors (red and blue).
  • RIO SPIRIT WEAR:  Rio Vista spirit wear is now available for purchase.  Items can be viewed and ordered on the following link: