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Maker Challenges

How to participate:
Step 1) Sign up for the RV Library Google Classroom (link found on our virtual library)
Step 2) Check out each months Maker Challenge
Step 3) Create or Participate in the challenge and post the needed items in the Google Classroom 
Virtual Field Trips:
Monterey Bay Aquarium Summer Camp - Monterey Bay Parent Magazine
Smithsonian's Naturalist Center Scheduled to Return to National Museum of Natural  History | Smithsonian Institution
Map of easter island with the image of attractionsHubble European Space Agency Information Centre - small | ESA/Hubble
San Diego Zoo logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG
Georgia Aquarium Visit Today | Georgia Aquarium in Downtown AtlantaBrand Assets - Zoo Atlanta
John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field Logo" Poster by Quatrosales |  Redbubble
The Nature Conservancy in Pennsylvania and Delaware Names Lori Brennan as  New Executive Director
Monster Bash Challenge:
Ready to be Dr. Frankenstein! Design, create, and build your very own monster! 
See our Library Google Classroom for the challenge rules and how to submit your Monster!
Google Tips and Tricks Challenge:
Hour of Code:
Make It Snow Cotton Ball Launcher:
AR (Augmented Reality)
Roller Coaster Challenge
Build a Fort Challenge:
Shoe Lace Design Challenge