Mr. Plank Math 7CC

      The new semester starts today.  All grades start over.  You have a fresh start, take advantage of it.
I encourage all of you to try your very best each and every day.  Take advantage of the opportunities given to you to improve your grade.  These include doing your homework each and every day that it is assigned, doing the error analysis on the quizzes, and doing the retake tests when offered .  It is extremely important that you engage yourself in the daily lessons and ask questions when you do not understand something.  I wish all of you the very best. 
Mr. Plank
MON. JAN.13th. Handout Multip. Integers (1-30)
TUE. JAN. 14th. Handout Multip. Integers (1-24)
WEC. JAN. 15th. Handout Dividing Integers (1-24)
Thu.  JAN. 16th. Handout comparing products & quotients (1-14)
FRI.   JAN. 17th. In class