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Gregory Plank » Mr. Plank 7 Grade Math CC

Mr. Plank 7 Grade Math CC

WELCOME BACK, I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO A GREAT SEMESTER!!!  We are beginning a brand new semester.  Everyone starts the semester with an A, your effort and hard work determines the grade you earn in this class.  I encourage all of you to try your very best each and every day.  Take advantage of the opportunities given to you to improve your grade.  These include doing your homework each and every day that it is assigned, doing the error analysis on the quizzes, and doing the retake tests when offered .  It is extremely important that you engage yourself in the daily lessons and ask questions when you do not understand something.  I wish all of you the very best.  Just because you might have done poorly last semester does not mean you have to do poorly this semester.  For all of you who did well last semester, keep up the good work!!!
Mr. Plank
Homework for the week of Jan. 14th-18th
     Mon. Jan. 14th Handout Pg. 489 (1-10)
     Tue.  Jan. 15th Handout Pg. 490 (11-30)       
     Wed. Jan. 16th Handout Pgs. 493-494 (1-8)
     Thu.  Jan. 17th Handout Pgs. 495-496 (9-13)
     Fri.    Jan. 18th Handout Pg. 498 (21-25)